About Lamps and Shades

Lighting brings so much to a room. Too bright, and you wash out the energy; too dim, and you literally fall asleep! Indeed, most modern homes have a single pendant light in the centre of the ceiling, which illuminates too harshly. So, warm up your living space with beautiful handmade lampshades forged from a range of stunning, sustainable materials, from powder-painted metals to coloured glass to luxury block-printed artisan fabrics.

Add a splash of pattern, and illuminate your living spaces with gorgeous pleated lampshades in fabulous block-printed fabrics. Alternatively, go for modern glass or metal for understated, timeless sophistication.   



A freestanding- or table lamp consists of several components, from the lampshade to the body, with a selection of parts connecting them. These are the essentials:

  • The body or base of the lamp — the section that contains the wiring and supports the shade.
  • The electrical component — the plug, the cable, the base switch, the socket, and the insulation sleeve.
  • The lampshade — available in a massive range of different styles, materials, and shapes.



There are many ways to light up your space — from traditional pendant lights to table lamps and conventional or LED candles

As the names suggest: 

  • Table lamps are portable and sit on table tops or other surfaces; 
  • Standard lamps are tall, floor-standing lamps, particularly suited to corners, but are easily situated anywhere close to a power socket and clear floor space. 
  • Wall lamps attach to the wall and are hardwired into your home’s electrical circuitry; 
  • Ceiling lamps attach to the ceiling and are connected directly to your home's electrical circuit. 

These lamp styles typically require shades, which add decorative interest to your space. However, a decent lampshade diffuses or redirects the bulb's glow for more controllable and directed coverage, protecting your eyes from glare.


A room's lighting not only affects its ambience but can positively or negatively affect your physical and mental health. Poor lighting in the workplace, for example, causes a range of problems:

  • Eyestrain
  • Headaches
  • AnxietyPoor sleep  
  • Bad posture

These problems can lead to accidents from decreased concentration, decreased productivity, and a significant decline in mental health. Indeed, research published in Forbes stated that living or working in gloomy rooms with insufficient lighting can make us feel depressed, exhausted, and stressed. 


Of course, the most obvious answer is to get more lights. However, naked bulbs are too harsh for living spaces; a bare bulb makes a room feel Spartan and unhomely. So, bring colour, style, and pattern into your living space with gorgeous pleated or block-printed lamp shades. Or incorporate the versatility of rechargeable lamps that you can move around the house with you. 


All our lampshades are suitable for traditional filament or halogen energy saving lightbulbs. However, I recommend LED bulbs because they’re energy efficient and operate at a much lower temperature than filament bulbs. All our fabulous lights and ightshades help diffuse LED light beautifully, so consider:

  • Pleated lampshades - bringing a traditional cottage styling to your space
  • Printed lampshades  drawing on fabulous blockprinted fabrics with design inspiration from around the world. 
  • Rechargeable table lamps - offering the ultimate versatility, practicality, and portability. 



We're all guilty of taking everyday objects like lampshades entirely for granted. However, these objects of decoration and function have a history dating back to the 1700s, when public lanterns lit Parisian streets, using shades to direct the light. At this stage, lighting was fueled by gas, but one of the principal drawbacks of gas combustion was the high oxygen consumption. This meant that interior lighting required internal ventilation to prevent suffocation. Of course, a problem is often a solution waiting to happen, leading product designers to develop glass enclosures surrounding the flame, preventing domestic air pollution and permitting the user greater control over the flame's size. 

Burning gas for lighting produced some pretty terrible smells, like sulphur and ammonia, which flooded the room during combustion. So, scientists of the day developed lampshades to help control the smells and attenuate the light. In 1879, Edison and Swan independently developed the incandescent filament bulb, revolutionising interior lighting. But the light was too intense, so lampshades were used, made from fabric, metal, or even Tiffany glass to soften, diffuse, and direct the glow.  


There are four principal classifications for lampshade shapes:

  • Drum lampshades- cylindrical in shape, featuring vertical sides, shaped like a snare drum.  
  • Empire lampshades- a tapered shape, typically with a wider bottom and narrower top, shaped like a truncated cone. 
  • Bell lampshades- similar in shape to the Empire, a bell lampshade has gently curving sides from the narrower top to the wider bottom.   
  • Coolie lampshade- if an Empire lampshade is cone-shaped, a Coolie is shaped like a funnel, with a narrow top and a much wider bottom, offering a dramatic, modern look. 



Does your room have a gloomy corner that feels like an energy vacuum? Perhaps the ceiling or wall lights are too “in your face”? Maybe you just want to kick off your shoes at the end of the day, sink into the sofa, and relax. 

Bring warmth with a handmade lampshade

Choose neutral tones designed to complement any colour scheme or our gorgeous handmade pleated lampshades, bringing a touch of sophistication to your living space. We’ve hand-selected our favourite designs from artisan maker-designers to help elevate the style profile and ambience of any room in the house. 

Stone-effect lamp with shade

Grey is so in vogue right now, injecting a touch of classically elegant Victoriana into your space. This lamp's uniquely textured body gives each piece its own personality. The concentric ribbing presents graduating shades of grey, giving this stone effect lamp the styling for both uber-modern and traditional interiors. 

The neat empire shade contrasts the earthiness of the body with a flat, deep grey that projects elegance through clean lines. This sturdy construction instantly transforms any room while proffering a warm, soft glow that radiates calm. So stylish! I absolutely love it. 

White ceramic lamp with shade

If you're looking for a beautiful piece that adds chic simplicity to your living space, our gorgeous white lamp in matte ceramic is always a winner. The buff tones of the drum shade transform into a super warm, lightly pink hue when the light goes on, instantly offering understated elegance to your room. 

Matte Glass White table lamp

Looking for something small but bright enough to lift the energy of a gloomy corner? Or perhaps you're looking for a bedside light with a minimalist aesthetic? Our matte glass handmade empire lamp provides beautifully dispersed light, offering soft illumination bright enough for reading or adding ambience to your space. The all-in-one body and shade is hand-blown, giving each lamp a genuinely unique look (and perhaps a few gorgeous imperfections). 

Lianna portable lamp

Oh my, I just love this super stylish portable lamp with its wavy coolie lampshade. And the best thing about it It’s rechargeable. With a beautiful matte beige finish, this Bloomingville exclusive is a table lamp you can move around the house to add warmth or illumination wherever you need it. It fits perfectly on a bookcase or the dining table, adding ambience to your dining room for those cosy nights with friends. 


Now we hit my true passion. Gathered and pleated empire lampshades are such classics that they’ll bring homeliness into any living space.The stunning empire shape is so iconic that our fabulous gathered lampshades will bring a tactile texture and classic styling to your home that your friends will covet. Remember: you found us first! 

  • Empire pleated lampshades

This stunning collection uses hand-printed and block-printed ikat, produced and designed in Jaipur by our beloved artisans, and gathered for a gorgeous texture and classic styling.

  • Isla/Junie/Frannie/Seren a mini lampshades

These smaller lampshades are super cute and just perfect for chandeliers, wall lights, mirror lamps, or mounted bedside lights. I love these for sumptuous bedrooms. But they look equally striking in living or dining rooms  while bringing hygge to hallways and landings. Alternatively, I adore these as individual or paired wall lights or even mirror lamps! Simply stunning.

  • Isla

What I love most about the Isla print is when the soft pink patches darken to a gorgeous maroon when the lights go on. This provides a super-cosy hue that accentuates the artfully hemmed upper and lower rims of the shade. Totally stunning! 

  • Junie

Artfully crafted from block printed 100% cotton fabric, the soft shades of denim sky blue look fabulous against the naturally bleached ikat. Each Junie lampshade is handcrafted from a design resembling a Native American weave block-printed by our skilled artisans and gathered, making each piece genuinely unique. 

  • Frannie

I love how the cherry red dye permits the cool cream mesh of the cloth to sing through, championing the fabulous artisan ikat with the Frannie design. But when the lights go on, the cherry red transforms into a deep rich crimson that feels immediately homely and comforting. Partnered with narrow strips of teal, graduating into a deep transparent black, the Frannie offers so much more than just glare protection — it injects a little vibrancy into your life! And who doesn’t need a bit more of that?

  • Claire

Oh my goodness, I'm in love with this beautiful block printed lampshade. Made in Jaipur from a hand-printed
floral cloth in shades of sky blue blending into deep denim, the Claire Empire pleated lampshade suits sophisticated living spaces and cosy bedrooms. So, if you're trying to find a subtle statement piece that your friends will lust over, select the Claire!

  • Serena

If you watch any design programme on TV right now, you’ll know that green is THE colour of the 2020s. And the stately leaf detail on the Serena affirms why green is the tone to be seen. For a sumptuous pleated lampshade made from a lovely block-printed cloth, you couldn’t go wrong with the Serena. 


Our larger gathered lampshades come in four sizes in diameters of 16cm, 30cm, 40cm, and 50cms. Made from premium quality cloth and crafted by skilled makers, our large lampshades are perfect for anything from table lamps to ceiling lights (and standard lamps in between).  I love how these statement pleated lampshades add pattern and colour to a neutral palette. But they also fit in fabulously if you're thinking a little more maximally, pairing one of our fabulous florals with a statement wallpaper or fabulous scatter cushions. 


I love that our statement gathered lampshades never fail to bring a pop of vibrancy to any room, large or small. So, if you favour a calming, neutral, or earthy tonal palette, you can really lift the energy and zing of your living space by pairing a statement pleated lampshade with scatter cushionsrugs, and curtains. 

Choose from our incredible Grace, Lennox, Margot, Juliana, Lottie, Harper, Anais, or Charlotte Empire lampshade ranges. You're sure to find a timeless classic that adds zesty relish to your favourite living spaces.