About Dresses and Jumpsuits

If there's one thing our followers go crazy for on Insta, it's our dresses and jumpsuits. And while it might be immodest to say that's no surprise, it really isn't! 

I'm so proud of our fabulous, elegant dresses crafted from the most gorgeous artisan fabrics. They're so flattering that any body shape looks graceful, feminine, and alluring. 

But our jumpsuits are perfect for people on the go. In fact, they're so comfortable that you literally forget you're wearing them - so great for warm weather when all you need is to feel fresh and ready to take on the day! 



In the summer, you need something comfortable and stylish to look your best despite the heat. Because let's face it: we're not really used to balmy weather in Ireland. So, when the sun does shine upon us, we need clothing that accommodates air circulation without looking strapping ourselves to the refrigerator. 


The maxi dress is perfect for warm summers because it’s long and flowing, reaching all the way down to your ankles (or sometimes down to the floor). 

While considered an informal outfit, the maxi dress is often sophisticated enough for showy events, with a close fit at the top and a loose flow around the legs and feet. Most maxi dresses are made from lightweight, flowing materials like cotton or polyester. However, our maxi dresses are made exclusively from 100% cotton — breathable and natural, allowing excellent air circulation. 


Like many of our most iconic fashion items, the maxi dress came to the fore during the 1960s, introduced by Oscar de la Renta and reaching the mainstream by the decade's end. Then, it remained popular during the 70s and 80s until the 90s when the miniskirt had a resurgence. 

However, the maxi dress is back with a bang for the 21st century, offering total freedom of movement. It's excellent for day-to-day chores or perfect for dressy nights out with the girls. 


While the maxi dress is a relatively recent fashion trend, the smock frock dates back centuries, often worn as outerwear — originally by farm workers. 

And while mucking out the pigs might not sound the most glamorous of activities, the smock has largely departed the modern industrial farmyard and found its rightful place in fashion houses around the world. 

In fact, smocks haven’t been worn in industrial settings since the mid-19th century but became all the thing on the catwalk in the 1940s. 



Traditional fabrics like cotton aren’t known for their stretch, which is where smocking comes in. Smocking is the technique of gathering fabric, which is sown with a flexible yarn, such as elastic, giving stretchability to the garment. 

Smocking works best with lightweight fabrics, such as cotton, silk, or polyester, with a stable enough weave to gather uniformly. Typically, you need three times the width of the initial material that, when gathered, creates a flexible, tight-fitting form on the skin. 

So, while the term "smock" actually refers to the stitch, it has become more widely recognised as a loose-fitting garment with shirred stitching that provides a super-comfortable fit with a billowing skirt around the legs.  


A jumpsuit is an all-in-one garment covering the top and bottom of the body, typically with sleeves and legs, although sleeveless jumpsuits also look incredibly stylish. 

And while the LNH Edit jumpsuits are crafted with style and comfort in mind, they date back to 1919, when parachutists and skydivers wore them to protect them from the cold as they jumped out of planes! 

Then, in the 1930s, Elsa Schiaparelli introduced the jumpsuit to the fashion world. It took a while to take off as a fashion phenomenon, but these days, jumpsuits are the mainstay of glamorous celebrities, sported by Rita Ora, Kourtney Kardashian, Alicia Keys, Cate Blanchett, Christina Aguilera, Anne Hathaway, Cara Delevinge, and Katy Perry. In fact, the list goes on and on. 


I just love the intricately detailed plunging neckline with this uber-comfy jumpsuit, crafted from the softest cotton. The block-printed ikat looks simply resplendent with a navy background and organic, white feathered polka dots. 

But it’s the stunning artisan block-printed hemlines that add the beautiful boho chic to this most beautiful of handmade garments.  

Wear the stylish Naple with a pair of runners for active days or a stunning wedge for something a little dressier, suitable for glamorous social occasions.  And don’t forget: go classy and crinkled by rolling and tying it after washing. 


Be your very own "Is that blue or gold?" meme in our fabulous Naples jumpsuit that's tremendous in taupe.  With the same plunging neckline as the Blue, the Taupe carries the most gorgeous floral print that looks slightly blue under daylight and a stunning white inside.

The 100% cotton is block-printed by hand by talented artisans in Jaipur, so you know you’ll have an original with each piece. So full of character and chic charm, you’ll feel energised and ready to go in a pair of sneakers or dressed up and ready to hit the town in a comfortable wedge. 


This is one of those 100% cotton garments you'll wear to death - not just because it's stunning but because it's probably the most comfortable boho dress I've ever worn. 

Perfect for work with its cute little tasselled waist strap, with pockets for keeping your essentials close by. Or radiate elegance at relaxed socials where you just want to let everything hang a little loose. Either way, you'll be the envy of your friends and colleagues for sure. 

The beautiful heavy embroidery crafted by super-talented artisans in Jaipur is unbelievably elegant, whether you choose the blue, white, or green. You really do need to see this beautiful summer dress in the flesh. 

I love to wear my stunning kaftan with sandals or trainers during the day, then dress it up with a funky wedge in the evenings.  

And if you're off on your holidays, this gorgeous freesize dress makes the ideal travel companion; performing as the ultimate beach dress, then as a gorgeous boho outfit for the evening - light on your skin and utterly freeing in hot weather. 

This one-size-fits-all garment is ideal for sizes 8-16, making it the perfect, thoughtful gift for a beloved friend. 


Bring on the Kate Bush vibes with the Binita dress in white, blue, or green for flow, glow, and complete freedom of movement. The gathered tiering offers a free-flowing, flattering outline that is stylish enough to wear around the house and at the most elegant social gatherings. And true to the maxi dress form, it goes all the way down to the ankles for graceful, feminine lines.

Crafted from lightweight and breathable cotton, this freesize dress fits anyone between a UK-sized 8-16. 

The long sleeves are superbly versatile — so comfortable worn down or easily raised for short-sleeved chic, weather permitting. 

The buttoned neckline leaves freedom around the neck and throat, making this gorgeous boho dress the ideal companion to your spring and summertime. You'll love it so much, you'll wear it all year round (with the heating on!). 


I love a maxi, and when it's paired with a striking smock neckline, it becomes something extraordinary. 

Wear your sandals, trainers, or heels with this elegantly flowing maxi-length dress, or add a belt for a fitted look appropriate for the workplace. 

One of my favourite things about smock dresses is that they’re suitable for every body shape, offering a great wardrobe essential whether you're tall or short with a big or small bust.

The shirred neckline provides the versatility to wear this fabulous maxi on or off the shoulder, adding another dimension of glamour when paired with a delicate heel. This makes it an excellent choice for an off-the-shoulder romantic dinner or a memorably elegant on-the-shoulder garment perfect for a family occasion.  

This versatility makes this wonderfully block-printed dress a reliable travel companion — great for day and evening wear. And it doesn't need ironing, meaning you can wear it straight out of your suitcase! 

I love pairing the gorgeous block-printed design with cosy knitwear for those cooler evenings — you’ll look resplendent in green and warm and comfortable enough to party long into the night. 


Call off the search: your new favourite wardrobe item is awaiting you! Elegantly fitted and ideal for both on-the-shoulder and off, the gorgeous block-printed design in pink and feathered polka dots is both striking and super memorable. 

Like most of our smocks, this gorgeous garment fits a UK-size 8-16 and is suitable for informal gatherings or more formal affairs when worn with a belt for a fitted look.

The shirred neckline feels so comfortable and secure around the shoulders when worn more formally or has a perfect stretch if you decide to embrace the off-the-shoulder look for something a little dressier. 

This versatility makes our pink smock maxi dress a fabulous travel companion — suitable for both daytime and evening wear. And it looks great with sandals or funky trainers for a more relaxed look, but it also looks stunning with heels. 

The ideal summer dress to pack for your holidays, this maxi printed dress with incredible block-printed cotton is a complete delight to wear in warm climates. 


Well, switswoo! 

Like all our fashion essentials, our fabulous satin batwing mini dress is super versatile — worn as a mini for ultimate glamour or as a long smock-like top over jeans for comfort and style. 

The premium-quality hot pink satin feels extraordinarily comforting against the skin for the most freeing fit you’ll find in a mini dress. 

The striking V-neckline is perfect for warm weather, especially as it plunges at the back and around the décolletage. Along with the shirred pleated detail, this super-cute garment is ideal for the ultimate relaxed fit. 

And the tie waist provides the security and comfort we all need now and then! An utter delight! 


Oh, those long summer days! How we long for them. But when they finally arrive, we need something comfortable, striking, and stylish to help us handle the heat. 

So, look no further than our stunning new line of long-sleeved dresses with a cute Mandarin neckline and a belt strap that doubles up as an adorable matching headband. 

Available with pink, orange, or blue stripes, you'll have a summer dress for all occasions. But you had better get in quick because these sell like the proverbial hotcakes. In fact, we released them for pre-order, and the green and orange sold out before the release date! 

And it’s no surprise because this utterly stunning free-size dress is super-versatile. Wear it like a smock without the belt, a more dressy outfit with the belt tie, or even as a beach dress/overshirt, ensuring you’ll be the most stylish one on the beach!  

The side splits provide fantastic air circulation, keeping you cool during those sweltering summer days, and the twin side pockets mean your phone and purse will never be too far away. Gorgeous in 100% light-textured cotton.