Our Story

LNH Edit

LNH Edit is a creative collection of slow ethical fashion and homeware.

Launched by Laura Nolan Horgan in 2020, who believes every home and every person should surround themselves with little things that make them happy.

Our Mission & Values

At LNH Edit, our commitment is to provide thoughtfully crafted, ethically sourced, and aesthetically pleasing products that enrich lives while honouring our planet.

Together, we strive to inspire conscious choices and foster a community that cherishes the beauty of slow, sustainable living.

Mindful Curation

We meticulously select and create products that reflect our commitment to quality, ethics, and aesthetics.

Our dedication to mindful curation ensures that every item tells a story of purpose and craftsmanship.

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Sustainability First

We are unwavering in our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Our values prioritise sustainability throughout our entire supply chain, from sourcing ethical materials to minimising waste and carbon footprint.

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Community Bonding

We believe in the power of community.

Fostering connections among our customers, creators & advocates, forging a community that shares our passion for sustainable living and inspires positive actions for a better world.

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The Cottage

1 Goatstown Cottages, Goatstown Rd, Dublin, D14 X6T0, Ireland

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