Meet Laura

You’re reading this because I took a risk. You’re reading this because I got lucky. You’re reading this because I got unlucky.

I spent my Twenties travelling the world. I was the Creative Director for one of Ireland’s biggest fashion brands. I went to Hong Kong, Paris, Milan, London, everywhere to source fabric and clothing that eventually dressed women for all the big occasions in their lives. At its height we had a store on the Kings Road in London, this is when I eventually met the love of my life, the father to my three children and my husband-to-be Ronan. We bought a home in London, we entertained in London and we loved in London.

Then we came home - back to Dublin and everything changed. The recession hit and our family fashion business became one of its many casualties. I became a mum to Elizabeth around the same time and life changed.

The daughter and granddaughter of entrepreneurs and self starters, working for someone else didn’t cross my mind but after my second baby I started travelling the world again and working as a buyer for one of the world's largest retailers. Life was busy. But as any mum knows, the juggle-struggle of work in the home and out of the home is real and raw.

Then another turn came. At the end of 2017, as I found out I was pregnant with my third child, I also found out that I had the BRCA1 or cancer gene and a full hysterectomy and double mastectomy was to follow.

Having travelled the world, carried, and birthed three babies, owned a business and worked for an international one, this was my biggest challenge. I more than survived. And here I am today.

Lockdown was new to some, but I had been living it for nearly three years, and as a result the LNH EDIT was born. Having had nowhere to go, and rearing three children while undergoing several major surgeries, my home has become my sanctuary and my family my saving grace.

I didn’t see, I lived, first hand the importance and impact of nurturing your nest, of tending to every corner of your home and turning it into a haven.The kitchen table is now our focal point, to laugh, to connect, to chat, to share and yes, even let my baby have linen napkins, because if I’ve learned anything over the last five years, it’s that life is for living and life, nothing else, is the occasion. It’s this ethos that I want to share with you, it’s this ethos that I want you to embalm and imbue your home with.

Once I started the LNH Edit it became apparent that a part of me was still missing, the fashion piece. I have an equal love for fashion and interiors and so it was only right to launch a small fashion capsule too. It's a small but wearable ready-to-wear collection that is everything I stand for, a busy working Mum who wants to look good but be comfortable at the same time. The pieces are all embroidered and made with the best fabrics, they will be in your wardrobe for years to come and will make lots of happy memories with you.

This company has been set up by a very grateful person and is filled with love and excitement. It's my happy place. It's been a pleasure of a journey getting here and I hope it sparks the same joy for you. Thank you for supporting my business, I'm so excited to watch it continue to grow.

Laura x  

Our Story

LNH Edit

LNH EDIT is a creative collection of slow ethical fashion and homeware.

Launched by Laura Nolan Horgan in 2020, who believes every home and every person should surround themselves with little things that make them happy.